Oh, is it Sunday already? This week went by fast and It’s time for another weekly report. The crypto market was quite steady this week as #Bitcoin didn’t make any sudden moves. BTC is consolidating around 30,000 levels and forming a Triangle pattern on the 4hr time frame. Monitor the price movement and open a position only after the price breaks the structure and moves in a clear direction.

What has happened in the NewsCrypto community this week?

Last week we released two new articles. The first one is about one of the hottest topics at the moment – How To Unbank Yourself & The Power of Decentralized Payment Networks. 

What will you learn?

▪️ What is a decentralized payment network?

▪️ How does information sharing occur in such a network?

▪️ Main benefits of decentralized networks

▪️ How to unbank yourself & options you have right now

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Another article that was written this week is about Recession vs Cryptocurrencies: Can a Recession Kill Crypto?

What is the article about?

▪️ What is a recession?

▪️ How do recessions impact businesses?

▪️ How does that affect the stock market?

▪️ How can the FED help?

▪️ What are the implications for crypto?

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We’ve also held the FIRST NWC Quiz in our Discord!

How does the quiz work?

▪️ 15 questions

▪️ 30 seconds to answer

▪️ The faster you answer, the more points you get

▪️ Prize pool 5000 DNWC

The quiz will be held every TUESDAY at 6 PM UTC! You can join, win exclusive prizes and become the absolute quiz master 😎👇


As far as regular posts are concerned, this week’s How To Crypto was about GameFi & Play-to-Earn, Newsco gave as some fresh news from this week’s market and Technical report deep-dived in the latest #Ethereum price action.