1. Newsletter Growth 

This week, we welcomed over 195 new subscribers to our biweekly newsletter. This increase in readership demonstrates the growing interest in quality content provided, which continues to keep the community informed about the latest trends and news in the cryptocurrency world.

2. NWC Testnet Announcement ❗️

In an exciting development, we have made the first announcement regarding the NWC testnet. This marks a pivotal step forward in our roadmap, bringing us closer to a fully functional test environment where users will be able to explore and engage with new features safely before they are rolled.

3. BTC Analysis and Macro News 📈

The newsletter has consistently covered in-depth analysis of Bitcoin’s market movements, coupled with macroeconomic news that impacts the cryptocurrency landscape. This analysis helps investors and enthusiasts make informed decisions based on comprehensive market insights.

4. Free Money Ongoing Events💸

    · Snapshot Event 📸

We are currently hosting a Snapshot event. Participants are encouraged to keep their tokens in the NWC mobile wallet. This event not only secures your assets but also aligns you with potential rewards and benefits.

    · Staking Event 💻

Additionally, there's an ongoing staking event where users have the opportunity to triple their holdings. By staking your tokens, you not only contribute to the network’s security and efficiency but also stand a chance to significantly increase your digital assets through this event.


1. Expanding the Team 🧑🏽‍💻

MercuryTrade is on the lookout for skilled traders to expand the team of traders. We aim to enhance your trading strategies and overall success rate by incorporating diverse talents into our roster.

2. Impressive Trading Success 📊

MercuryTrade reported an impressive success rate of 81.4% in opened positions this week.