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Today we are going to talk about why 2024 halving could be the most bullish one. Yeah, the most bullish out of all! And we are also going to talk about one major development that will further fuel the rise of Bitcoin's price!

Here's what we got on the menu today:

1. Bitcoin's Most Promising Halving

2. $25 Billion of BTC & ETH spot ETF Inflows

3. Funny Meme

Bitcoin's Most Promising Halving

Bitcoin investors are on the edge of their seats as it approaches what could be its least dramatic but most promising halving yet. This event, expected to reshape the landscape of Bitcoin mining and economics, occurs approximately every four years, reducing the reward for mining Bitcoin transactions by half. This mechanism decreases the supply of new Bitcoins, influencing the price and investment in the network.

Unprecedented Transaction Volumes

This year's halving is accompanied by record-high transaction volumes, indicating robust activity and engagement within the Bitcoin network. Unlike previous cycles that saw sharp fluctuations in transaction volumes leading up to the halving, 2024 stands out with consistent and elevated transaction activities. This pattern suggests a maturing market where Bitcoin is increasingly viewed as a stable and reliable asset class.

Stable Prices Amids High Volumes

Another remarkable aspect of this halving cycle is the subdued price volatility compared to past events. Historical data from similar pre-halving periods show significant price swings as traders speculate on the impacts of reduced mining rewards. However, this year, Bitcoin prices have demonstrated relatively small fluctuations, underscoring a growing investor confidence and a shift towards viewing Bitcoin as a long-term investment rather than a speculative short-term gamble.

Implications for Bitcoin's Future

The combination of high transaction volumes and stable prices points to a sustainable growth cycle for Bitcoin post-halving. Investors and users display a sophisticated understanding of the cryptocurrency’s fundamentals, participating actively without triggering drastic price movements. This behavior is indicative of a mature market where Bitcoin is not only used as a store of value but also as a medium for substantial financial transactions.

$25 Billion of BTC & ETH spot ETF Inflows

Hong Kong is set to make a significant impact in the cryptocurrency market with the upcoming launch of spot Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs by the end of the month. This move could potentially unlock up to $25 billion from Chinese mainland investors, provided the ETFs align with the investment strategies permitted under the southbound stock connect with mainland China.

Potential Market Dynamics

The introduction of these ETFs represents a strategic pivot for Hong Kong's financial landscape, positioning it as a pivotal hub for cryptocurrency investments in Asia. The ETFs are designed to provide investors with a regulated pathway to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum, mirroring the investor protections typically associated with traditional financial assets.

The Role of Chinese Investors

The success of these ETFs heavily depends on the participation of Chinese investors, who have historically shown a preference for direct and concentrated investments over diversified asset baskets. If regulations evolve to include these ETFs in the southbound investment program, there could be a significant influx of capital into Hong Kong's cryptocurrency markets, further solidifying its status as a leading crypto hub.


Hong Kong's proactive regulatory stance and the strategic introduction of cryptocurrency ETFs could set a new precedent for financial innovation in the region. While the immediate impact will hinge on regulatory developments and investor interest from mainland China, the long-term implications for Hong Kong's financial markets and its position in the global cryptocurrency economy are profoundly positive.

Will this prompt the rise of Bitcoin to $200k, $250k... we will have to wait and see but it's possible.

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