How to ride the hype and steer clear of FOMO

Different phases of the market cycles lead to different types of coins getting attention - and some of these can be significantly less rational than …

Taking Your First Steps in Crypto

In this post we cover all the basics that you need to start your crypto journey, from creating an exchange account to using DeFi (Decentralized Finan…

Futures Contracts: Everything You Need To know

After covering options in our previous How-to Crypto post, we’re continuing with the other major type of derivatives: futures contracts. Here you’ll …

Options: What They Are and How They Work

When it comes to aspects of the market that are misunderstood - or not understood at all - the category of derivatives, and more specifically options…

WTF is an ETF?

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Do Your Part

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Don't Fall For It

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Preparing for the storm

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