1. 170+ New Newsletter Subscribers  📨

We have seen an increase in the subscriber base, with over 170 new enthusiasts joining the newsletter.

2. Exciting Gaming Event in Our Communities 🎮

The gaming community within NewsCrypto TG chat has been buzzing with excitement thanks to special events that brought members together for some fun and competition.

3. Announcement About NWC Chain Development ❗️

We are building our own L2 chain!

4. Snapshot Event is in Full Swing, Keep Your Tokens in NWC Mobile Wallet! 📸

A snapshot event is currently ongoing, and it's crucial for NWC token holders to keep their tokens in the NWC mobile wallet.

5. Staking Event is in Full Swing! Stake Now to Get a Chance of Tripling Your Bag! 💻

The staking event has also been met with great enthusiasm. Participants have a unique opportunity to triple your holdings through strategic staking, making it a not-to-be-missed chance for those looking to maximize your investment.

6. BTC Analysis 📈 

This week, we provided a detailed analysis of Bitcoin's market movements. Keeping the community updated with the latest trends and predictions, the analysis helps investors make informed decisions in the volatile crypto market.


1. Looking for New Traders to Expand Our Roster 🧑🏽‍💻

MercuryTrade is on the lookout for new traders to join its team. This expansion aims to enhance the platform's trading capabilities and introduce fresh strategies into the mix.

2. Added New Trading Pairs on Bybit Exchange 🛠 

MercuryTrade has expanded its trading options by adding new pairs on the Bybit exchange. This enhancement provides traders with more opportunities to diversify their portfolios and engage with different market dynamics.

3. Success Rate in Opened Positions of 77.4% 📊 

MercuryTrade boasts an impressive success rate of 77.4% in opened positions.