How to add a trustline for NWC on Solar Wallet?

Follow the steps below:

1. Go to this website:

2. Download the wallet

3. Open the wallet and click 'Add account'

4. Click 'Create account'

5. Enter your password

6. Write down your secret key!!!!! (MOST IMPORTANT STEP)

This is the interface you should have now:


7. You will need to deposit some XLM tokens so that you will be able to deposit and withdraw other coins (you will pay transaction fees with XLM)

8. Click receive and send XLM tokens to the shown address (deposit at least 3 XLM)

As you can see, so far you can only send XLM to your address. In the next steps we are going to add NWC as a new asset in your wallet.

9. Click the menu in the right upper corner

10. Click 'Assets & Balances'

11. Click 'Add Asset To Your Account'

12. Click 'Add Custom Asset' button

13. Under 'Code' write NWC


then click “TRUST ASSET”

And that’s it, now you can send and receive NWC from your Solar Wallet!