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Here are NWC updates and developments from July. Let's dive straight in!

Headline Sponsor of African Empire Reality Show

We’re the main sponsor of the African Empire reality show taking place in Nigeria, Africa. We’re feeling privileged to sponsor such a big event as it’s our mission to bring cryptocurrencies closer to people across the globe and help with speeding up the adoption.

The reality show ends today as today is also the LAST DAY that the minimum staking requirements are 1,000 NWC!

Stake your NWC here ➡️ https://newscrypto.io/staking-program/

Newscrypto weekly newsletter

Crypto recaps are something every trader needs at the start of the week. Hence, the newsletter is FREE and it will remain free. It is sent out every Tuesday!

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Emphasis on Analytics

Over the last few weeks we have spent a considerable amount of time defining and implementing analytics across various parts of the platform. These are now in place to help us better measure growth for key objectives such as volume, revenue, new users, conversion rates, etc. Using this data will help us make more informed decisions for product and marketing initiatives as well as help us project growth and identify areas that need improvement.

Premium Report: Equanimous Trading

We’ve released a NEW Premium Report on trading psychology! Psychology is 90% of everything you need to become successful. If you want to become profitable in the crypto space then that’s exactly what you need.

You know what they say: when you grow as a person, your bank account will also grow. 

This article will teach you:

- how to build good habits, 

- how to be disciplined, 

- stay consistent 

- become the master of your emotions. 

Grab the guide here ➡️ https://app.newscrypto.io/courses/premium/equanimous-trading-by-yvan-byeajee

Crypto Conferences: Singapore and Paris

The NWC team has recently attended two major crypto conferences: 

  1. Singapore - the largest expo event in Asia. The event was amazing! It provided market's leading content & updates on the Crypto and Blockchain industry.

  2. Paris - The Binance 5th Anniversary Event. It was a pleasure talking to the one and only CZ about the future of crypto!

We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with many like-minded projects and to set in motion collaborations, partnerships, and new developments that we will reveal more about in the coming months!

AI Sentiment Tool Upgrade

First AI Sentiment upgrade! Tool is catching real-time changes on token sentiment and predicting the future with ~97% accuracy!

What’s new?

- constant training to capture latest real time changes

- 5 layer Recurrent Neural Network

- 10 financial and twitter indicators included

Start trading like a pro now ➡️ https://app.newscrypto.io/ai-sentiment-tool

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