It’s Sunday again which brings us to yet another weekly report. The crypto market plunged in the beginning of the week as BTC dropped from 47k to 43k levels but there’s no need to fear, bulls must be on the way to rescue the market!

What are the latest developments that took place at NewsCrypto this week?

New guide in Premium Content - How to Optimise Your Investments: The Risk-Reward ratio - by TheCryptoMonk. 

In addition to your cryptocurrency portfolio losing its value to the harsh price fluctuations; an even bigger risk is losing whole or part of your portfolio to security breaches. This course will help you stay safe from the latter. 

Cryptocurrency prices are beyond a single point of control and prices can move in any direction. More important is your ability to safeguard your investment from a sea of social engineers, proper hackers, and scammers looking to part ways with your investment(s) in the cruelest ways.

The guide captures: 

- Calculations of the R:R Ratios 

- Risk Management Concept

- Practical Strategies

- Actionable indicators 

The price of each guide is set at $9,99 in USDT with a -20% off if you pay in NWC tokens.

Buy the report here:

NWC will be listed in the StrikeXOfficial wallet at launch! 

This will allow traders to use Fiat on & off ramps, Cross-chain swap and Portfolio analytics. Our aim is to allow using, trading and storing NWC to as many users as possible! 

We will notify you once it goes live!

We held the 5h educational event in our Discord hosted by theSignalyst! 

BTC & ETH market analysis, MACD Indicator which can tremendously help you with refining your strategy and finding divergences were discussed. 

As you probably know, we intend to host these events every Wednesday at 17:00 UTC, we would love to see you at the next one!

Join our discord here:

Click this link and on the 'interested' button to be notified once the live educaitonal session on Wednesday starts. See ya.

As regular posts are concerned, this week’s How-To-Crypto episode was about Crypto Loans, Newsco delivered some super fresh news from this week’s markets and Technical report covered recent ETH price action.