Another week full of action is coming to an end. This time we’ve also wrapped up one more year, as we’ve already entered 2022. 

To ensure everyone keeps up with our progress we’ve released a blog that covers all our developments here at NewsCrypto in 2021. It is all too easy to get lost in the details and ignore the big picture, that is why it’s imperative to take a step back from time-to-time, to see the overall progress and the direction in which we are headed.

To celebrate all of the progress made in the last year, we also burned another million of NWC tokens (check out the burn transaction here). This was the final burning event in 2021, which concluded our 10 million burning plan. This plan was introduced to show our commitment toward the scarcity of NWC and ensure its long term growth. With the same vision in mind, we’re already working on even bigger burning plans for the following year, so be sure that token burning is going to continue in the years that lie ahead.

This week our token got listed on MEXC Global Exchange. NWC/USDT and NWC/BTC trading pairs have already been listed on Thursday, so if you want to trade there, you can already do so. In order to thank our community members for their support,we decided to launch a Trading Contest with 27,450 NWC to be won. It ends tomorrow at 15:00 UTC, which means you can still catch the last train, until the window of opportunity closes.

During the activity, all users who trade NWC/USDT on the MEXC exchange users who achieve a minimum trading volume of 20,000 USDT will have a chance at winning part of the 20,000 NWC pool. In addition to that, all NWC traders with a minimum trading volume of 300 USDT are eligible to share a 7,450 NWC prize pool. Prizes received by each user are going to be proportional to the individual trading volume during the event.

To support decentralization and security, we've decided to award users that hold their NWC tokens on non-custodial wallets. We'll reward 100 randomly selected users that transfer a minimum of 20 NWC to a non-custodial wallet (whether new or existing) between December 27th 2021 12:00 UTC and January 3rd 2022 23:59 UTC with 200 NWC each. All you have to do to participate is transfer at least 20 NWC to a non-custodial wallet (NewsCrypto Mobile Wallet, Solar, MetaMask etc.) on any one of the chains where NWC is available and fill out the form, which is available here.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about Avalanche (AVAX), while the FA report covered Basic attention token (BAT). Our weekly How-to Crypto gave an introduction to Smart Contracts and Decentralized Oracle Networks. This week’s Newsco Weekly Report emphasized that there is only 1.3 million BTC left on crypto exchanges, which is only one of the factors that point towards a bullish Q1 of 2022.