This week we've got a great announcement for all you NWC hodlers.

KuCoin has added support for deposits and withdrawals of NWC on the Ethereum and Stellar blockchains, making sure you can deposit, trade and withdraw NWC no matter your technology preference. Make use of it here.

To enable an even broader set of options and allow you to trade NWC tokens no matter where you prefer to do your business, we’re happy to announce we’ve been listed on the DFyn exchange on Polygon!

To incentivize liquidity, we’ve decided to reward liquidity providers for the NWC/DFYN pool with $20.000 worth of NWC and DFYN tokens in the Dual Rewards Farm. Buy, sell and farm on the Dfyn Exchange.

Thirdly, we’ve partnered up with Secret Network, a unique project that enables transactional privacy as well as computational privacy by default. Their protocol achieves this by executing smart contracts in an encrypted computational environment despite enabling verifiability that comes with blockchains.

This unique approach completely disables front-running, a common attack, present in DeFi, where the attacker buys the tokens just before your trade is executed, pushing the price higher and giving you a worse deal while making a small profit themselves. To explain all of this we’ll prepare an updated fundamental analysis of the Secret network. Through our partnership, we’ll add a new section in the upcoming NewsCrypto Academy 3.0, dedicated to explaining this and the other advantages of computational privacy for DeFi and secret dApps.

For our regular posts, this week we’ve covered Filecoin in our FA report, explaining how it enables decentralized file hosting with the help of its native FIL token.

Second, we’ve prepared a market price report Cardano and its ADA coin. It includes a full price action analysis of its recent market phases, alongside a technical trade plan with a clear invalidation point.

Our weekly how to crypto lesson explained moving averages (MAs) as they are one of the most important tool in any technical trader’s arsenal.

Lastly, our advisor Blockchain Wayne explained what’s going on with Bitcoins price and hashrate, as well as all the top crypto development and headlines in our weekly crypto report.