This week we have been mainly working on product development as a brand new update and redesign of our web platform is underway, which will include some of the upcoming tools that have already been announced like the AI sentiment analysis feature.

Our native wallet just been updated. The overhaul will include minor bug fixes, an improved UI and a complete redesign of the wallet. Besides that, we’ve updated the user rewards system according to the community feedback, so that it is balanced once again. More information on that can be found here.

We’ve announced a partnership with Piratechain, an upcoming privacy cryptocurrency that we believe will be a game-changer. Because of their inspiring focus and commitment to privacy and anonymity, we’ve joined forces so that we’ll together be able to provide the best educational content on that topic. 

PirateChain will help us expand our NewsCrypto Academy with a whole new section on privacy and in turn, we’ll help them upgrade their educational content which they already provide for their users.

On the community note, we’ve held an amazing AMA in one of the biggest Nigerian communities. We’re proud to be making our mission truly global as we’re establishing communities and providing needed knowledge in every corner of the earth.

This weeks market price report was about RUNE, an analysis which included Double Bottom Structures, Technical S/R Flip Retests, Ascending Triangles, Bullish Market Structures and Price Action Ranges, while the FA covered Monero, a cryptocurrency for privacy and anonymity.

The How-to Crypto post explained the history of Money, how it came to be in the first place, who its predecessors were, what it’s desired qualities are, why fiat currencies fail time and time again and lastly how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin might eventually replace them because of their well implemented features that will revolutionize the financial world.