When Bitcoin was invented just over a decade ago, no one could possibly have foreseen just how many aspects of day-to-day life will be made easier and more transparent by the crypto revolution that it kicked off. Apart from the well-known areas of finance and banking, crypto is also revolutionizing something so ubiquitous as freelancing, and that’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Freela!


Freela is a freelancing platform that makes the entire process of posting or applying for freelance work much easier and, most importantly, commission-free. The way it works is that deals between employers and freelance employees are settled on the enterprise-focused Polygon chain, which enables incredibly cheap and fast transactions.

And in case there’s any disagreement between the employer and employee (if the former changer their demands or the latter fails to submit the agreed upon work), Freela also offers an arbitrage service that takes a look at the issue and makes sure that the funds end up in the right hands.

That way, you never need to worry whether your employer or employee will stick to their promises, and you’ll never end up paying someone for work that hasn’t been done properly (or not getting paid for work that was done correctly).


In the first phase of our partnership, we’ll be preparing an educational piece on the versatility of blockchain and the different problems it solves, focusing on Freela’s pioneering work in the world of freelancing. Going forward, we’ll strive to integrate our education-focused approach with Freela’s unique position in novel ways of finding employment, so that the users of both NewsCrypto and Freela can benefit from our partnership, especially when it comes to finding employment in the rapidly expanding field of crypto.