The cryptocurrency and blockchain space has so much potential to drastically change the world for the better. I am not just talking in terms of money. The monetary system is broken around the world and the cryptocurrencies that are truly innovating will help restore people’s faith in sound money. But the bigger problem is control and power. For too long, we’ve put our trust and power in elected officials, politicians, and large corporations, only to continually see that trust violated time and time again. There is an age-old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Blockchain and decentralization can revolutionize so many sectors and restore trust where trust has been lost. But, I say all that to say, we will get nowhere unless everyone does their part. Great technology is not enough to change the world. Many great ideas never come to fruition because to garner adoption, you need a community pushing and educating others.

Here at Newscrypto, we have a saying that Education comes before adoption. This is not just a catchy saying, but instead is the core of what will drive the adoption of cryptocurrency. Education and simple-to-use interfaces are what will be a catalyst for creating the path to mass adoption. But the driving force will be with every single person doing their part to spread awareness, adoption, and education. If we rely on the chance for everyone to discover this space and learn about it, most people’s first and, potentially, only exposure will be through that of a scam where they lose their money. Each person that sees the potential of what this space can bring must do their part, not just for your country, but for the countries where people are struggling to survive due to hyperinflation and lack of access to basic financial resources. Ripple effects can happen all over the world. The construction worker that I taught the basics about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency last week, is now the one sending money back to his family in Latin America using cryptocurrency and avoiding the outrageous fees from Western Union. His family back in his home country is now much more prosperous because to them, their monthly income has doubled. So now, let’s look at what doing your part looks like. 

Many of you reading this may feel intimidated by the idea of sharing with others. You may feel you don’t know enough about it to be able to share it with others. Having to answer the question, what is Bitcoin, may make you sweat and get nervous at just the thought of someone asking that. But you do not have to be an expert or even know how to answer that question. Many times, I will wear a Bitcoin hat or shirt wherever I go. Even with my love for Newscrypto, some may ask why I don’t wear a Newscrypto hat. I do sometimes, but my go-to attire is usually Bitcoin-related. There are several altcoins that I love, but most people at least recognize and have heard of Bitcoin. So when a stranger sees my hat or shirt and asks about Bitcoin, I then have a chance to share a little bit of my insight and also direct them to the Newscrypto platform to learn more about Bitcoin and more. If you are not sure what to say to explain Bitcoin or cryptocurrency to someone, have some resources ready to share with them for them to learn more. The first resource as I just mentioned should be the Newscrypto platform, especially the school section. I also usually have a few basic videos to help as well. The ones I recommend are the What is Bitcoin video on the website and the YouTube video by Andreas Antonopolous called Please Explain Bitcoin to My Mom. It is a short video and if someone wants to dive deeper, he also has a 30-minute video called Bitcoin for Beginners. Also, you can share these How To Crypto blogs with your friends and family, and anyone else you meet along the way. Following this blog will help you with education, help you develop the right mindset, and also be aware of the scams that are out there. So, the easiest way to do your part is to share the information you have with others. You can also meet others in the space. Clubhouse and Twitter have audio rooms where you can join and discuss cryptocurrency. Many areas have local meetups for people wanting to get together to discuss cryptocurrency. That is a big one for me. I know going to those meetups, most people already know about Bitcoin, so that is where I usually wear my Newscrypto gear. I can share it with others and equip them to be better able to share with people they interact with. There are also many cryptocurrency events, both in-person and online that you can attend to learn more about cryptocurrency and meet others in the space. I have vastly expanded my network by attending events like this over the years. Just search and you can find these events to attend in person or virtually. Just this past week, there was a large cryptocurrency conference in Dubai. Next month, in Miami, Fl, there is the Miami Crypto Experience, which is an educational experience that is available both to in-person attendees and online through a fully immersive 3d virtual event center that allows anyone in the world to attend. To learn more about this upcoming event, go to Find events either in your area or online and plug yourself in. And also, share these events with your friends and family. You never know who may be secretly wanting to learn more and not know where to start. One of these events can be the catalyst for them to not only learn more and get started, but also for them to share with others which will continue to accelerate our push for adoption. We live in a world where there is never a lack of information or resources. The only thing that will slow us down would be the lack of effort by the community to share what we know with the world. Do your part!