🤝 Possibility of partnership with payment system provider for MercuryTrade: 

We are in talks with a credit card payment provider for the implementation of a credit card payment option on our MercuryTrade copy trade platform.

💻 New algorithm testing for Juno trader: 

Juno just became more profitable with an upgraded algorithm.

✍️ New trader contract signed:

A new high-profile trader signed the contract for becoming a premium MercuryTrade trader.

📰 300 new Newsletter subscribers:

Our newsletter is becoming more popular each day, we gained 300 new subscribers in 1 week!

👥 Expanded marketing team:

Our marketing team just got bigger, an experienced marketing specialist was hired.

🤖 Backtesting bot fix and ready to recognize patterns more effectively:

The backtesting bot got an expanded and better library from which he recognize the patterns. This made him approximately 30% more effective. 


🎉 New community event about to start:

We are about to start a new community event with a focus on Newscrypto product users and NWC holders

🎤 Organizing an AMA event: 

Soon we will host an AMA event for our beloved community.

📩 Crypto Chronicle, NWC’s new weekly newsletter: 

Read all about what is happening in the crypto space in our Newsletter

We're just getting started, stay tuned for more updates!🔥 #Crypto #Blockchain #FutureOfFinance