Another week is coming to an end. This time it's a little special, because we have broken the previous all time high Bitcoin price. For a more detailed outlook on the markets, check out the Letter from the CEO, which will be released in a couple of hours. Now, let's focus on our developments here at NewsCrypto.

Our testnet version of Stellar-Polygon bridge has been out for more than 2 weeks and it has been working flawlessly. While this is on one hand good news for our development team, on the other hand it might be bad news for those that have been experimenting with it and didn’t find any bugs to claim the bug bounties. But no worries, we have plenty of giveaways to make up for it. This week we’ve announced the date when the bridge will go live on the mainnet. It will happen next Friday, on October 29th.

At the end of last week, our team released the revolutionary Backtesting Bot. While it has been working perfectly, we’ve done little improvements to make an experience even more valuable and user-friendly. We will keep enhancing the algorithms and expanding the patterns set in order to help you push your results to the next level. Everyone who still hasn’t given it a try, and wants so can check it out here

Everyone who has been a part of our community for long enough knows that we always put education first. We’ve been standing up for financial literacy ever since the beginning of our story. Hand in hand with our goals, we always have different giveaways that award the most aspiring learners of the community and we had not one, but two of those this week.

The first one was held in Discord and was designed to reward those that use our Academy to broaden their crypto horizons. Everyone who completed 100% of content that our School covers and shared a proof with the community was eligible to win up to 50 NWC. The other giveaway started on Friday and is still ongoing, so make sure you participate if you still haven’t. All you have to do is like and retweet our giveaway post on Twitter, as well as comment a screenshot of your TA prediction using our Platform Predictions.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about Near Protocol (NEAR), while the FA report covered Olympus (OHM). Our weekly How-to Crypto explained Bitcoin Futures ETF and clarified why it is important. This week we’ve also shared the first Newsco Weekly Report that will from now on weekly cover action in crypto. Newsco will try to cover major news in an easy to digest way. If you ever have any suggestions on how he could improve it, feel free to put the idea forward.