Hey guys, we are all very excited for our next big release – the 3.0 update of our platform. But before we reach it, we must first take a couple of important steps, and that's why this week we did some final tweaks, where we got rid of all the remaining bugs in the system. It now runs smooth like a hot knife through butter.

In order to keep your accounts and information as safe as possible, we have also implemented an extra layer of security by adding 2FA for logins, deposits and staking actions. Our 3.0 update carries a lot of new additions and improvements, including an expanded education system, so make sure to check out our blog posts in the coming days, where we’ll go a bit more in detail on what’s new!

With internal platform testing being well underway, we’ve also enlisted some of our advisors and ambassadors in order to get feedback and optimize the look and feel of the platform.

On that note, we also expanded our ambassador family this week. Their main responsibility is to increase awareness about NewsCrypto in a series of campaigns and help with education in their online and offline communities. With their help, we will be able to spread the word about our project even further. This way our platform, if it hasn’t already, will finally be able to reach you, and you will have access to all the knowledge and education we provide.

And for our regular posts, this week’s price report was about DOT, while the FA report covered The Graph, namely what it is, what it does and what role it plays in the emerging dApp ecosystem.

The weekly How-to Crypto explained everything you need to know about the Ichimoku indicator, which combines multiple types of data into one visual tool that predicts future s/r levels, while our Weekly Crypto Report discussed how Bitcoin’s mining difficulty fell by 28%, along with other recent events.