This week we've announced a partnered with Pinknode which empowers developers on Polkadot ecosystem by providing node-as-a-service solutions, removing inefficiencies and complexities, and accelerating product life cycles.

Next up, applications for our Unchained Education hub are open for educators, who wish to spread and monetize their knowledge on various crypto topics. If you believe you've got a few lessons the crypto community and the unrelenting inflow of new enthusiasts needs to hear, apply here and hopefully you’ll soon be able to throw down some of that knowledge, and be rewarded for it!

Regarding our community, we’re expanding our international ambassador program, so that our message can aid as many communities and individuals as possible, making crypto truly accessible to anyone, as it should be.

Our goal right now is to expand with over one hundred new community managers, project managers and crypto enthusiasts across the globe. If you believe you’re a perfect choice for such a career in crypto, let us know using this application form. You can even represent more than one country (if you really got what it takes) but you’ll have to fill out the form multiple times.

Now for our regular posts: this week’s fundamental analysis report was about Stablecoins, how they maintain their stable levels of value, how they’re backed and what the key differences among the popular ones are.

The latest Market Price Report covered MATIC, the native token of the Polygon network, which aims to provide scalable and instant blockchain transactions. The price report includes a full price action analysis alongside a technical trade plan with a clear invalidation.

Our weekly how-to post was a deep dive into NFTs, explaining how many use-cases they possess and how some day, pretty much every company (local or international) will likely use them and benefit in ways that were unimaginable beforehand.

Lastly, in our weekly crypto report, Blockchain Wayne covered all the most important development and news in the crypto world: PoW vs PoS, NFT volume tripling, Mark Cuban backs up Polygon, Paypal announcing they’ll enable withdrawing cryptocurrencies from their platform and so much more. Check out the entire video here.