It has been more than a decade since cryptocurrencies burst onto the scene.

While the industry is still in its early days and most of the major blockchains are still evolving its time to spread general awareness about cryptocurrencies and work towards mass adoption.

But where do you go for good information on cryptocurrency?

The answer is NewsCrypto School Program has developed a school program suitable for beginners and those who want to expand their knowledge about trading with cryptocurrencies.

The school program is divided into two categories; Newscrypto Academy and Newscrypto Tutorials 

Newscrypto Academy designed by the world's best traders and crypto minds is completely free as it is in the project mission to educate as many people as possible to make crypto trading accepted by the masses. The educational program was designed to provide users with a powerful theoretical and practical experience and warn them about possible mistakes in the crypto world. 

The school program is divided into different groups that cover everything crypto from A to Z. We joined forces with Kucoin exchange to empower blockchain education for everyone in the crypto world.

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Besides the Newscrypto Academy, we also provide a Video Tutorials section where our Ambassador and Crypto coach Blockchain Wayne goes into detailed explanations about everything related to crypto in general.

This program was designed to support the Newscrypto written lessons and to fully understand the topics on how to trade and deal with cryptocurrency markets.

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Knowledge is power, and the Newscrypto team understands that education comes before adoption, so signup to our website and start learning for free! 

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