Delete all your crypto apps! The updated version of the NewsCrypto app can provide you with everything you need about crypto in one place.

The NewsCrypto team recognized the problem of having multiple trading tools scattered along numerous applications, which is precisely the problem they’ve tried to solve with the app (as well as computer platform).

With the goal of providing all of the essential tools both beginners and expert traders alike need to take their skills to the next level in one place, they created the mobile app that has gotten even more useful along with every update and the v3.0 is not going to be any exception. It’s no secret that the 3.0 version will be a huge improvement over the existing 2.0 version, even though the current edition serves its purpose quite successfully.


NewsCrypto app serves as the all-in-one crypto ecosystem that you have at the palm of your hand wherever you are. It merges the most important parts of every trader’s daylife in one place. The goal of the NewsCrypto app is to provide users with an easy way to monitor, track, receive and participate in the crypto world. With the NewsCrypto app users are one click away from the latest crypto trends, managing their portfolio and gaining the trading edge with proprietary tools and indicators. With the new experience the NewsCrypto app brings pro and beginner traders a vital trading extension that fits in their pocket. 


Crypto is a fast-paced market and staying up to date on everything is key. There are numerous problems that may arise for every crypto enthusiast that tries to keep up with the market and this app can solve it all.


Firstly, many crypto apps offer only specific tools or data, which leads to users being forced to use multiple applications to get all the information they need. With the NewsCrypto app, everything a crypto trader or enthusiast needs is provided within one app. Consequently, users don’t have to get used to many different apps, which serve only specific purposes.

Contrarily everything from Market tracking, Portfolio management, Trading data, News section, Smart Alerts to Community predictions is packaged in a one, simple to use app, which is just one click away anywhere you go.


On top of that, crypto is unfortunately flooded with misinformation, which causes inability to quickly find reliable information. Our algorithms analyse multiple news outlets and make sure that the ‘Breaking News’ section is filtered, only displaying reliable information that is chronologically gathered from numerous respectable news outlets, in one place. This way users are not only informed instead of being misinformed, but also save their precious time, as they get all important news, which might have the potential to influence prices or even start new trends, delivered right to the app, eliminating the need to constantly track it on their own.


On the one hand NewsCrypto platform already offers all the tools a trader needs in one place, on the other hand you don’t carry your laptop around all of the time. Therefore, accessing your balance, market data and trading info everywhere and all of the time can get a little difficult. By using the app, not only the process gets more convenient, but also makes features, which aren’t available on the platform, available at your disposal.


These features include Portfolio management that allows you to integrate your portfolio into the app so you can check its balance, 4 different Smart alerts options (Price alerts, Moving Averages alerts, Exchange listing alerts, ETH gas fee alerts) that notify you when your favorite coins meet certain criteria, so you can more easily enter your positions, simply pushes you a notification when a new gem gets listed on particular exchange, or alerts you when ETH gas fees drop so you know when a good time is to go DEX shopping.

On top of that the all-in-one crypto app gives you an insight into liquidations and funding rates for multiple exchanges, making sure you don’t miss any important trading data.


The biggest update in comparison to the previous version lies in professional tools, which have now been added to the app. Being a professional member gives you access to the AI Sentiment Price Prediction tool that uses an AI based algorithm to calculate the closing price for your favorite cryptocurrencies on different timeframes.

This way you don’t have to constantly check Twitter and news outlets to determine the sentiment that drives the crypto market. Instead, the technology does the hard work for you, giving you the price prediction so you can not only save time, but also taake your trading results to the next level, as it simplifies the decision-making process.


On top of that, upgrading your subscription to the professional level unlocks all of the TA and FA reports. Technical analysis reports walk you through different market phases and give a complete trading setup for a particular coin, while Fundamental analysis reports save your precious time, since you don’t have to go through piles of documentation to understand what the project is about and figure out all of the details that can make or break a project.  

To give the revolutionary app a social twist, the developers equipped it with a Community predictions section, where users compete with their peers in cryptocurrency price predictions. Every week the users with the most credits get NWC rewards to their account.


The NewsCrypto app will transform masses of crypto enthusiasts from lost to confident traders, who will be able to successfully form trading decisions anywhere, anytime with ease. Everything from getting notified when you want to enter or exit a position, to being able to see the important data, influential news, AI trading indicators, as well as access Reports written by world’s finest analysts with just one click in combination with having it all located in one place will make sure the transition from crypto rookie to crypto veteran will be as short and smooth as possible


About NewsCrypto


NewsCrypto is an all-in-one crypto ecosystem that is primarily focused on education and trading, giving both beginners and expert traders alike everything they need to step into the world of crypto and take their skills to the next level.

Recently, the project has expanded to copy trading, providing novel solutions for DeFi in partnership with different protocols and development-focused projects, as well as the NewsCryptoVerse, an immersive digital space for crypto traders and educators, which is NewsCrypto’s most ambitious development yet. Throughout these different avenues of development, NewsCrypto’s mission is to provide the perfect starting point for beginner traders as well as a comprehensive ecosystem for crypto experts, offering everything that any crypto user needs in one place.




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