Cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is a thriving sphere with countless events happening daily. It used to be quite daunting for a trader to navigate and search for information from the webpage to webpage. Not anymore…

''CoinMarketCal is the leading economic calendar for reliable cryptocurrency news. It covers all events that help crypto traders make better decisions.''

They came up with a solution for providing information regarding events and announcements in one place. Events are divided into categories with a ranking system that displays the most interesting events by community voting. The site also features articles with project descriptions and a '3 coins to keep an eye on' Newsletter.

Newscrypto joined forces with CoinMarketCal to deliver an even better experience while using Coin Calendar tool on Newscrypto platform:

CoinMarketCal keeps you updated on events regarding the coins or tokens you are interested in or currently holding. It is important that you notice all the new events before they occur. In this tool you will notice two buttons: 

“Proof” shows you a screenshot of the source (usually a social media post) which gives more context and helps you verify if an event is trustworthy or not.

“Source” will show you where the event was announced. Under each event, there is also a percentage that tells you how much credibility each event has, the more the better!

Now you know where to look for announcements. Happy Trading!