Governments around the world are trying to convince you how great CBDCs will be for you but they don’t tell you the downsides. Or they do but try to make it seem like a good thing.

Example: “Most existing DLT networks, such as the Bitcoin #blockchain, have a different structure than a DLT system developed for central banks. The central bank does not need to utilize a fully decentralized DLT system that runs entirely without mutual trust and through a distributed consensus mechanism because it inherits a high level of confidence.”

This means they won’t decentralize the ledger because they are so trustworthy. What a joke!

They control 100% of the network’s validating power so there isn’t a problem like with #Bitcoin where the malicious actors would have to fight for control over 51% of the validating power to do something they wanted.

Also they could look up who bought what, when and where, of course if they even let you. You better work hard to have a high social score or you won’t even have the permission to buy what you want. 

But that’s not all!

Want to save money because you want to go on a nice vacation or send your children to a college in a foreign country?

That’s up to the government. They will incentivize spending by giving an EXPIRATION DATE to your money! Either you will spend it all before it “goes bad” or they will burn it.

And that’s nowhere near as exciting as a #NWC burn…

They will enforce spending limits, saving limits, social credit scores,… everything just to control the citizens. Looks more and more like we are becoming #China 2.0.

“But don’t worry this will be done just to prevent terrorist financing, money laundering and other illicit activities.”

Thank god we have such loving and caring governments. We are sure our $500 #Amazon purchases are worth paying attention to and don’t worry about billions that were sent to #Ukraine, they definitely weren’t laundered back through #FTX or any other company. 

What about trillions that were “mismanaged” at #Pentagon? They will try their best to fix this accounting error.

#CBDCs are the worst that could happen to humankind.

Be prepared by having some #crypto stashed somewhere safe. And NO that’s not in a safe deposit box or on a centralized exchange.

Take custody of your keys and crypto!