1. The Exciting Mercury Trade $10K Trading Competition

As we hit the midway mark, the $10K trading competition on Mercury Trade has entered its third week. Traders are fiercely competing, strategies are evolving, and the excitement level is at its peak. If you haven’t joined the action yet, there’s still time. Dive in and see how you measure up!

2. PlatformMercury Welcomes Seven New Traders

Expanding the community, seven new traders have joined @PlatformMercury. What does this mean for you? More variety and opportunities for copytrading! The platform has now made it even more accessible for newcomers to learn from experienced traders and earn while they learn. Whether you're a newbie or an expert, the platform is buzzing with trading insights and wisdom.

3. AI Bot Diana's Power Boost: Diana, the AI bot, has received a remarkable upgrade. Her win rate is now soaring at 72%. If you've been thinking about trying her out, now's a great time.

4. Fresh Updates from NewsCrypto Platform

The team at NewsCrypto has also been hard at work. Here are some highlights from their recent updates:

· NWC Academy is Growing: Prepare for mass adoption, crypto enthusiasts! The academy is on fire with new content generation, ensuring everyone from beginners to pros can up their crypto game.

· Did Someone Say Newsletter? A fresh newsletter has just dropped, and you might want to check your inbox pronto. Why, you ask? Let's just say there's an intriguing piece on what Trump owns. 😉