Weekly Development Recap: NewsCrypto & MercuryTrade

As we approach the end of another productive week, it's time to take a moment and reflect on the significant strides both NewsCrypto and MercuryTrade have made.

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of this week's accomplishments:


1. New Partnerships on the Horizon:

Our team has been actively engaging with potential partners, laying the groundwork for future collaborations that will undoubtedly enhance the NewsCrypto ecosystem.

2. Token Buyback and Burn:

In our continuous effort to give back to our community, we've successfully bought and burned 33,142 $NWC.

3. SeptemBear Community Events:

Get ready, community! We're in the final stages of preparing some engaging events for SeptemBear. Stay tuned for more details and exciting opportunities to participate.

4. Marketing Strategy Development:

Behind the scenes, our marketing team is hard at work crafting a robust plan to further elevate NewsCrypto's presence in the crypto space.


1. A Challenge for Everyone:

MercuryTrade is all set to roll out a brand-new challenge for its community. Whether you're a copier or a trader, this one's for everyone!

2. Expanding Partnerships:

Much like NewsCrypto, MercuryTrade is also in talks with potential partners, aiming to bring more value to its platform.

3. Monthly Token Buyback and Burn:

To keep our promise, we've completed the monthly buyback and burn process. We will keep using a portion of our profits to buy then burn $NWC tokens.

4. Welcome Aboard, Traders!:

Our community of traders is growing! We're thrilled to announce that three new traders have joined us, bringing our total to an impressive 40.

5. Trading Milestone Achieved:

A testament to our platform's reliability and efficiency, MercuryTrade has successfully executed over 32,000 trades. But we are just getting started!

6. Top Traders' Stellar Performance:

A special shoutout to our top three traders who've showcased exceptional skills, boasting an average win rate of 92%!