Weekly Development Report: A Dual Perspective from NewsCrypto and MercuryTrade


1. Over 310 New Enthusiasts Join Our Newsletter 📨 

We're thrilled to announce that our NewsCrypto family has grown by over 310 members this week! Each new subscriber is a testament to the value we bring to the crypto community, and we're just getting started.

2.  Level 2 Unlocked: Our Path to the Bullrun 2️⃣

The journey to the next bullrun is paved with milestones, and we've just crossed another significant one. We're excited to announce Level 2 in our strategic plan, designed to maximize gains and minimize risks for our community.

3.  A Roadmap Revisit with a Big Reveal 📣

Today's the day we've all been waiting for – the big reveal. We're revisiting our roadmap to share some exciting updates that are sure to send waves through the crypto world. Stay tuned for the grand unveiling!

4.  BTC Analysis: Navigating the Market's Ebb and Flow 📈

Our experts have been closely monitoring Bitcoin's movements, analyzing the trends, and preparing insights that will help our community stay ahead of the curve. We're not just watching the market; we're decoding it for you.


1. Officially a Binance Partner ✍️ 

It's official – MercuryTrade is now a proud partner of Binance! This partnership is a significant milestone for us, and it paves the way for more innovative solutions and opportunities for our traders.

2.  A Warm Welcome Offer: Sign Up and Get up to 1000 USDT 🤝

To celebrate our new partnership, we're offering a sign-up bonus of 15 to 1000 USDT. It's our way of saying thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. And yes, the offer is still on the table! Register Here

3.  Today's Grand Reveal: 100 USDT Giveaway 💰

In conjunction with our roadmap reveal, we're hosting a 100 USDT giveaway. It's a double celebration, and we're sharing the joy with our community through this token of appreciation.

4.  Predict and Win: 100 USDT Giveaway for BTC Prediction 💰

Think you can predict BTC's next move? Put your analysis to the test and stand a chance to win 100 USDT. It's our way of encouraging and rewarding the sharp minds in our community.

5. Introducing Easyconnect: Simplifying API Key Integration  🗝

We've implemented the Easyconnect option to streamline the process of connecting API keys. It's about making your trading experience smoother and more efficient.

6. Meet Diana: Our New Lead Trader AI 💸 

We're excited to introduce Diana, our latest AI-powered Lead Trader. Diana is the culmination of advanced algorithms and market analysis, designed to enhance your trading strategy.

7.   A Week of Wins: 171 Trades Closed with a 76.34% Win Rate 📊

Our trading platform has been bustling with activity, traders closed 171 trades in the last week alone. More impressively, with a win rate of 76.34%.

As we reflect on this week's achievements, we're filled with gratitude for our community's unwavering support. At NewsCrypto and MercuryTrade, we're not just building platforms; we're cultivating a space where traders and enthusiasts can thrive together. Here's to many more weeks of growth, innovation, and success.