Weekly Development Report

As the teams behind NewsCrypto and MercuryTrade, we're excited to share our latest developments and achievements. Our journey is marked by continuous growth, innovation, and a commitment to excellence in the crypto world. Let's dive into what we've accomplished this week!


1. 190+ New Newsletter Subscribers📨

This week, we welcomed over 190 new subscribers to our newsletter. It's a testament to the growing interest and trust in our platform. We're committed to keeping our community informed with the latest and most relevant crypto news.

2.  BTC Analysis📈 

Our team has been diligently analyzing Bitcoin's market trends, providing our users with in-depth and actionable insights. This week's analysis has been particularly insightful, helping our users make informed decisions in these volatile market conditions and gave you a blueprint on how to find altcoins that will outperform.

3.  Platform Bug Fixes 🔧

We believe in providing a seamless and efficient user experience. This week, we've implemented several bug fixes on our platform, enhancing overall performance and user satisfaction. We're constantly listening to our community's feedback to make NewsCrypto the best it can be.

4.  We Said GM Every Day 👋 

Engagement with our community is key. We made sure to greet our users with a "Good Morning" every day, fostering a friendly and welcoming environment. It's these small gestures that help build a strong and connected community.


1.  Black Friday Discounts on MarksmanBTC and BtcRetard 🤝 

In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we offered exclusive discounts on our popular traders, MarksmanBTC and BtcRetard.

2.  Trading Competition with ByBit Started 🥇

We kicked off an exciting trading competition in partnership with ByBit. This competition is not just about winning but also about learning and improving trading skills. We're thrilled to see the enthusiastic participation from traders worldwide.

3.  Additional $5k to a Lucky Competition Participant 💰

To spice things up, we added an extra $5k prize for a lucky participant in the trading competition. It's our way of adding excitement and rewarding our users for their engagement and efforts.

4.  373 Trades Were Closed in the Last Week with a Win Rate of 77% 📊

Our trading performance this week has been nothing short of impressive. With 373 trades closed and a remarkable win rate of 77%, we're demonstrating the effectiveness of our traders. It's a proud moment for us to see our users benefit from our platform.