Weekly Development Report from MercuryTrade and NewsCrypto


1. Over 220 New Enthusiasts Join Our Newsletter Community 📨

Our NewsCrypto family has grown by over 220 members this week!

Here's what you can expect from Monday's releases:

- Detailed BTC analysis + crypto market insights

- Exclusive rewards: $50K, iPhone 15 & more!

- Recap of a breaking news

2. Reprogramming Saige: Our AI Price Prediction Tool 🖥

In our quest to provide the most accurate and useful tools for our community, we've embarked on a significant project: reprogramming Saige, our AI price prediction tool. This revamp is aimed at enhancing its predictive capabilities, ensuring that our users get the most reliable and actionable insights for their trading decisions.

3. BTC Analysis: Staying Ahead of the Curve 📈

Our team has been closely monitoring Bitcoin's performance, analyzing its trends and movements. We understand that BTC is a cornerstone of the crypto market, and our in-depth analysis is designed to help you make informed decisions, whether they're trading, investing, or simply keeping an eye on the market.


1. Engaging with Our Community on BinanceLive 

We hosted an engaging and informative MAM (Multi-Account Manager) session on BinanceLive. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with our users, answer questions, and share insights about the exciting world of crypto trading.

2. New Partnership: Welcoming MarksmanBTC🤝 

We're excited to announce our official partnership with one of our best traders, MarksmanBTC. This collaboration is set to further enhancing your trading experience on MercuryTrade.

3. Celebrating Our Users: 12,500 USDT Giveaway Concluded and 26,000 USDT Giveaway Launched 💰 

Our 12,500 USDT giveaway has just concluded, and we're delighted to have rewarded the new users. But the excitement doesn't stop there – we've kicked off a new giveaway, this time with a whopping 26,000 USDT prize pool! We believe in giving back to our community, and these giveaways are just one of the ways we show our appreciation.

4. New Trading Competition: A 50,000 USDT Prize Pool 🥇 

We're thrilled to announce the start of a new trading competition on MercuryTrade. With a substantial prize pool of 50,000 USDT, this competition is set to be one of our most exciting yet. We invite all our traders AND COPIERS to participate and showcase their PnL stats.

Sign up here: https://t.ly/ZW7fI

5. A Week of Success: 311 Trades with an 81.2% Win Rate 📊 

In the last week alone, our traders have closed 311 trades, achieving an impressive win rate of 81.2%. This statistic is a testament to the effectiveness of our platform and the skill of our traders. We're proud to provide a platform where traders can excel and achieve remarkable success.