To celebrate the launch of the new version of Trading Simulator, Newscrypto will host a trading competition with a total of 1,000 USDT in rewards. Trade with zero risk and earn rewards!

The competition will run from 17:00 November 6 to 17:00 November 11. (CET time)


To participate in the event you will first have to register to the You can register on THIS LINK *Trading Simulator can be found in the beginner tier.

Each user will start with 10.000 USDT in NWC value and you can trade on all the pairs provided in the trading simulator. A user that will have the biggest portfolio* on November 11th at 17:00 (CET) will win. The user that has the second biggest portfolio will take the second place etc. *The biggest portfolio means that you have the highest value of $.

Follow this link to access Trading Simulator v2.0:

Learn how to use trading simulator here:


There is a total of 1,000 USDT in rewards.

Reward structure:
1st place gets 600 USDT
2nd place gets 300 USDT
3rd place gets 100 USDT

In order to apply to the trading competition, we will ask you to fill out a short form, to which you find a link below, and provide us with your platform username and email. 

About the Trading Simulator 2.0.

The new demo trading system, called Trading Simulator 2.0, will allow you to trade on real price movements on 15 pairs, including BTC, ETH, NWC, LTC, TRX, NEO, and more. In the next update, all the pairs that are available on KuCoin Exchange will be added. The system will allow you to test strategies and practice your trading methods with 0 risks.

Users can place limit and market orders as well as use the stop-loss feature. Moreover, you can easily track your own profit and loss. The system also allows you to use all the tools to draw charts and trade according to your predictions, monitor order books, open trades, stop trades, and trade history. In the beginning, each user gets $10,000 to trade with. If a user loses all of the demo funds he can choose to pay a small fee to receive new funds.

Newscrypto created Trading Simulator 2.0 because researchers show that 70-80% of new traders lose money in their first trade. The system was designed to lower that number and help traders experience real trading with demo funds. KuCoin and NewsCrypto hope to guide and help every user to make a reasonable investment decision in the crypto space. The two parties are planning a few trading contests to encourage more newcomers to try out the Trading Simulator 2.0.

Trading Simulator 3.0

The next version of Trading Simulator is already in development and it will include even more features than the 2.0 version. We will include leverage trading options as well as accounts that will track overall profitability, shadow trading options and much more. Stay tuned in our official telegram chat to be up to date about the upcoming Trading Simulator 3.0.