NewsCrypto’s mission to educate the masses about the crypto world and provide essential tools to give investors competitive edge in the market is no piece of cake. It is of great satisfaction to announce that everyone offering us a helping hand on our journey, will now be rewarded more than ever for it. Our team has put together a new referral program with attractive rewards for anyone that brings their friends, acquaintances or social media followers to the world’s number one educational platform. You will be able to earn rewards on not one, not two, but three different occasions.

You’ll receive them when referred users make an account, buy a membership or stake NWC. Let’s dive into details. The first reward you will be able to get is a membership discount. Every time any user registers on the platform through your referral link, you’ll get a discount on any Professional membership. The more users you refer, the bigger the discount you will receive. Even bringing just one friend will make you eligible for a 10% discount on all memberships. If the number of referred users increases to 15, 30 or even 50, discount on memberships rises accordingly to 20%, 30%, and as high as 50%! You can see all the discounts in the table below:

 referred user10% discount on all memberships
15  referred users20% discount on all memberships
30  referred users30% discount on all memberships
50  referred users50% discount on all memberships

The second compensation you will be able to get for your assistance on our mission are NWC rewards in the form of rebates. Each time someone you refer buys a Professional subscription, you’ll receive a reward in NWC tokens. Once again, the more referred users that buy a membership, the higher the reward you get, as you can see here:

referred user buys a Pro membership10% NWC rebate
referred Pro users12,5% NWC rebate
10 referred Pro users15% NWC rebate
15 referred Pro users17,5% NWC rebate
20 referred Pro users20% NWC rebate
25 referred Pro users22,5% NWC rebate
50 referred Pro users25% NWC rebate
100 referred Pro users30% NWC rebate

The final reward you can get is in the form of a free Professional membership. If one of the users you referred chooses to stake NWC, you’ll get a free Professional tier membership. As one could expect, the longer the time they stake for, the longer the professional membership you get at no charge.

If they stake for three months, you’ll get a membership for one month, and if they stake for a year, you’ll get it for three full months. For more details, look below:

Referred user stakes for 3 months
 Free subscription for one month
Referred user stakes for 1 year
Free subscription for three months

In order to claim the benefits of the new and improved referral system, you need to know your referral key, which can be found in the profile section of the platform.

To maximize your rewards, we advise you to not only share it with your family, friends and acquaintances but to also spread it through social media along with our mission.

Sharing is caring, and what better to share than a gateway to successful crypto trading and investing?