1. NewsCrypto iOS Wallet release

Enabling to store, send, and receive $NWC tokens on over a billion Apple devices.

Maintain full control over your assets and watch how numbers grow📈

Download here🔽


2. NWC App Dev update📱

The development team finished implementing a majority of features that will be added with App v1.0 in early January - these updates are currently not visible in the current version that is available to the public. 

We shared the first insights into notifications and price alerts with the community on Friday!

Personalized notifications and alerts will enable you to stay in touch with the latest market news and happening at ease!

An internal group of traders and game devs are currently testing NWC token integration - this feature will allow app users to swap credits for NWC tokens and vice versa!💰

In case you missed the presentation of all sections in the App, here are the links:

Community Predictions  https://newscrypto.io/blog/nwc-app-predictions

Portfolio  https://newscrypto.io/blog/app-portfolio

Dashboard https://newscrypto.io/blog/app-dashboard

Markets and Favorites https://newscrypto.io/blog/app-markets-and-favourites

NewsCrypto App is currently in Beta mode and we would love to hear feedback and opinion from your side. We are running a feedback campaign and rewarding the best ideas with NWC tokens.

Feedback form: https://forms.gle/VgPcJdVnmRvVKLDz5

Android users http://bit.ly/3oqc0dO

iOS users http://apple.co/2L8tEEt

3. NWC Ambassador Program🌐

Do you want to become a part of the next success story in the crypto world?

Here's your chance! Last week, we have started with a program that unites cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts with a common goal of spreading awareness across the globe.

Our leading ambassadors welcomed and met the first applicants during this week! 

Remember, you can apply to become a NewsCrypto ambassador anytime on a given link below.

Apply to become an ambassador⬇️


All about the ambassador program⬇️


4. Market Price Report: $ALGO

Understand the logic behind successful trade setups and start trading like a PRO📈

- Bullish Divergences 

- Price Action Equilibrium 

- Price Action Range 

- Demand & Supply Zones 

- Descending Triangle 

The price per report is 50 NWC. Buy the full report here🔽


5. Weekly Crypto Report

Are you having a hard time tracking all the important news from crypto space?🗞

Our crypto coach Blockchain Wayne sums up the week in less than a 10-minute video every Wednesday!

Watch this week's episode here🔽


6. How to Crypto: ELI5 - CryptoCurrency

Still not sure how to explain #crypto to your family&friends?

Here are 4 tips that will help you introduce crypto to your loved ones during the upcoming holidays!🥂

Share with your crypto buddies!

Read more🔽