It’s Sunday which brings us to yet another recap of the developments that happened in NewsCrypto during the last two weeks. Let’s first say a few words of the markets at the moment. There is blood on the streets in the cryptosphere right now. Bitcoin dropped from the 30,000 levels to under 20,000 and is now making a relief bounce. Is this just a retrace or is it the bottom for #BTC? All we can say is that fundamentals are still the same. If you believed that crypto is the future before, what is making you doubt now? To finish this introduction we’ll just leave this quote right here: “Buy when the market is fearful, sell when the market is greedy.”


NewsCrypto launched a new subreddit page! We’ll be posting educational content for you guys, because especially in times like this, education and knowledge is a number one priority. 


What will we be posting?


  • Technical reports of the recent market situation

  • Meet the ecosystems - in-depth analysis of all the most important blockchains

  • News

  • Crypto classroom for crypto enthusiasts


The last article we published is about Celsius: The drama explained and how it is affecting the whole market. You will learn what Celsius is, get to know exactly what is happening and understand what could happen with a potential fallout from this situation.


We’ve posted two educational blogs. The first one is titled The future of NFTs. 

What will you learn?

  • What is an NFT?

  • What gives NFTs value?

  • What are some of the use cases NFTs have today?

  • What is the next step?


The second one is more of a technical one and is about How to spot and trade Fakeouts.

What’s it about?

  • What is a fakeout?

  • How to detect fakeouts?

  • How to trade fakeouts?

  • How to protect yourself against significant losses?

Read here ⬇️

We’ve also held one Discord Educational Event & two Discord Quizzes. Lots of knowledge for you to grab in our Discord so don’t hesitate to join our next events.

Discord Educational Event: Every Wednesday at 5PM UTC! Join here

Discord Quiz: Every Tuesday at 6PM UTC! Join here