It’s been two weeks since our last development report. A lot of things happened during those two weeks so let’s jump straight into the details!

The NewsCrypto Team attended the Blockchain Week in Rome! The event was very successful for our project as we got lots of new connections and acquaintances with companies and individuals that share the same values and goals. We've linked with so many blockchain developers, crypto investors and project founders in Europe. Grateful for the opportunity so be there and represent our company in the best way possible. Surely we're attending many more crypto conferences in the future. The future is bright for NWC! Stay tuned lads!

We’ve announced a new partnership with StackOS, a multi-chain decentralized cloud, where you can run high-traffic applications like full-stack apps, dApps, nodes and websites. We’re proud to announce that the NewsCrypto Stellar-Polygon bridge is already deployed and running on their platform. It enhances the power of our bridge as it is much more decentralized, flexible and resilient. 

Stay tuned on our social media pages for more details and updates regarding this stirring new partnership!

We’ve released a new blog on one the hottest topics in the crypto space at the moment: Move to Earn: The Next Big Thing?

▪️ What will you learn?

▪️ Best M2E projects?

▪️ Where are the opportunities to make money?

▪️ What are the risks?


We’ve also held two Discord Educational Events & two Discord Quizzes. Lots of knowledge for you to grab in our Discord so don’t hesitate to join our next events.

Discord Educational Event: Every Wednesday at 5PM UTC! Join here

Discord Quiz: Every Tuesday at 6PM UTC! Join here