It’s Sunday again and it’s time for a quick recap of the recent developments at Newscrypto. 

We’ve launched a completely NEW Weekly Crypto Recaps in collaboration with NFTeddy & The Crypto Monk! 🤝 Crypto recaps are something every trader needs at the start of the week. Hence, the newsletter is FREE and it will remain free.

The newsletter includes:

🔹 Weekly news recap

🔹 Crypto Monk commentary on hot topic of the week

🔹 High time frame charts with Teddy Cleps

🔹 Funniest tweets of the week

Newscrypto team attended the largest expo event in Asia! The event was amazing as it provided market's leading content & updates on the Crypto and Blockchain industry. We’re grateful for this incredible opportunity to connect with many like-minded projects and to set in motion collaborations, partnerships, and new developments that we will reveal more about in the coming days and weeks! Thanks to all innovators, founders and enthusiasts that attended and we look forward to seeing y’all at the next conference! 

We’ve hosted a special event in our Discord featuring NFTeddy & The Crypto Monk. The first event was very informative as you could see the crypto situation through the minds of two people, who have been involved in the market for a very long time.

What were they talking about?

🔹 The current market situation

🔹 Breaking news

🔹 Their experience in the crypto world

The past two weeks we’ve also posted many new educational content, in the form of blogs, articles and twitter threads. If you missed them out, here are the links to access them 👇

1️⃣ Game of Whales: Understanding the recent chaotic events in crypto.

2️⃣ History of Bitcoin.

3️⃣ 8 Rules to Follow in a Bear Market.

4️⃣ Stocks and the Fed: Why legacy markets are important for crypto traders.

5️⃣ Crypto Fundamental Analysis Part ⅓: Financial Metrics.

Besides the shared articles, we are also running a very educative subreddit. There were two new articles talking about the two most influential recent crypto events: The $100 Million Harmony Hack Explained and The Collapse of Three Arrows Capital.

Read more now 👇