1. NewsCrypto App v1.0 - Coming soon📱

Excitedly waiting for the full App release?🤓  

Beta mode of the app launched on 6. December - since then we were constantly updating the features, aggregating the feedback from the community, and monitor the statistics to ensure the best user experience once the app launches in full mode.

You can expect the following upgrades to be added to existing features with the full release:

• Swap NWC tokens for credits and vice versa

App users can currently earn credits by completing various tasks such as participating in community predictions, playing spin the wheel in rewards section, referring friends to the app...

App full release will enable users to switch these credits for NWC tokens or buy more credits using NWC tokens. 

• Smart alerts and notifications

Everybody wants to get notified when substantial market movements occur, right?

The aim of these features is to display the users personalized and relevant information as soon as events occur. You will be able to set these alerts in detail to your wishes at ease!

• Homescreen widgets

Get insights into essential info without opening the app.

You will be able to put widgets such as Portfolio, Markets, Favorites, NewsCrypto features and others directly on your homescreen to a desired place to observe!

• Doodle Pump update & New game

Doodle Pump made some traders crazy as they played the game until they literally broke it and found the end line of the game. Hard launch will fix this and also enable iOS users to join the game.

The new game will be just as addictive as the current one. You will be able to earn credits with it and compete with fellow traders - more insights shortly!

More details and dates about the upcoming launch will be presented in the upcoming week!

If you haven't yet, get familiar with different app features that are currently available for everyone to test!

Community Predictions •  https://newscrypto.io/blog/nwc-app-predictions

Portfolio • https://newscrypto.io/blog/app-portfolio

Dashboard • https://newscrypto.io/blog/app-dashboard

Markets and Favorites • https://newscrypto.io/blog/app-markets-and-favourites

Download and test the Beta below!

Android users http://bit.ly/3oqc0dO

iOS users http://apple.co/2L8tEEt

2. New ambassadors🌐

Horray, we welcome new ambassadors to our network and the team this week.

Can you promote, create content, and share (News)Crypto ideas with your community?🌐

Then you're a candidate to become our ambassador, it's never to late to apply!

Apply to become an ambassador⬇️


All about the ambassador program⬇️


4. Market Price Report: $DOT

Is $DOT due for a correction or another rally?🧐

Study the report and find out!🔽


• Price Action Equilibriums

• Bullish Market Structure

• Supply Zone S/R

• Price Action Demand Zones

• Descending Channels

BONUS: Brief fundamental analysis!

5. Weekly Crypto Report by Blockchain Wayne

Served hot from the crypto market🔥

• Moon-Lines analysis

• BTC hits new ATH

• SEC causes waves for Ripple

• Marc Cuban praises BTC monetary policy

Watch the episode🔽


6. How to Crypto: SEC causes waves for XRP

Are you wondering how can Ripple SEC Lawsuit and delistings influence traders and the crypto market?🤔

If you still don't know what it's all about, we covered everything in detail!

Read the report and find out⬇️