It’s Sunday which means it’s time for another weekly recap. Crypto market has seen a drop as BTC plunged by about 2000 dollars yet is still ranging between 38,000 and 40,000. Again, don’t be greedy in a market like this, take a day off and throw some meat on the grill instead.


What are the developments that took place this week?


We announced the biggest Airdrop in NewsCrypto history! You can earn NWC tokens by participating in simple tasks which help us grow our community!


Airdrop metrics:


Allocation: max of 11,700,000 NWC

Total Eligible Recipients: 10 000

5 unlocking events in 2022

Extra special prizes


The most important date is when we will take a snapshot of all the participants and check which of the requirements were met. Write it down in your notebook, your calendar or put a sticker on your fridge. That's the date you can’t afford to miss.

Snapshot date: 10.05.2022


How to participate? 👇


We held the 8th educational event in our Discord hosted by theSignalyst! This week’s topics of discussion were BTC & ETH, Market analysis and top 10 Altcoin analysis. The session was absolutely fantastic!


Educational events take place every Wednesday at 17:00 UTC in NewsCrypto Discord.

Join the next event here:


As far as regular posts are concerned, this week’s How To Crypto was about Governance & Utility tokens, Newsco gave as some fresh news from this week’s market and Technical report deep-dived in the latest #BItcoin price action.