Ohh, is it Sunday already? Week flew by so fast. Hope you had an amazing week and as you already know, it’s time for another weekly recap. It’s been a slow week for cryptocurrencies as BTC is ranging on a support area between 40,000 and 42,000. Don’t rush trades in a market like this, sometimes less is more.


What are the recent developments that took place this week?


This week we’ve continued testing out our platform Mercury Trade. We’re so excited about it and we’re coming very close to launching it! Keep an eye on future updates so you don’t miss out!


We’ve also released new educational & informational content. This week’s topic is Yield Farming: Everything You Need to Know. The article is an in-depth overview of one of the hottest topics in DeFi at the moment. 


What will you learn in the Yield Farming blog?


- What is yield farming?
- Understanding how it works
- Why is it so popular now?
- How to calculate yield farming returns
- Risks of yield farming


We encourage you to read the article here 👇



We held the 7th educational event in our Discord hosted by theSignalyst! The session was awesome once again! This week’s session covered in depth analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Market Structure Analysis. 


Educational events take place every Wednesday at 17:00 UTC in NewsCrypto Discord. 

Join the next event here: https://discord.com/events/869491485651902474/958787328451682325


As of regular posts, this week’s How to Crypto was about the difference between Technicals and Fundamentals, Newsco gave us the hottest insights from this week’s markets and Technical report deep-dived into the latest #Ethereum price action.