Happy Sunday NewsCrypto community, we hope that you are having an amazing weekend! 

Crypto market is in beast mode in the last 3 weeks drawing nice candles all over the place. Like every Sunday, you are reading a weekly recap of activities at NewsCrypto.

Mercury Website is LIVE! 

A complete website that thoroughly explains the Copy-Trade platform was released this week & we can’t wait to launch the full product.

Navigate to the website and get a taste of the Mercury: https://mercurytrade.io

A roadmap update was also released on official Twitter profile, let’s make a quick recap: 

✅Platform Conceptual Design

✅Subscription Infrastructure


✅Payment Gateway

✅Binance API Integration

✅Website UI and UX

✅Onboarding Traders


🔄Soft Launch & Improvements


You can find the official post here: https://twitter.com/PlatformMercury/status/1508449057303367691

1 Million NWC burned on Monday! 

NewsCrypto burned 1M NWC tokens to mark new development in the coming weeks. Apart from burning actions, we also burn 20% of each bought membership subscription on the web platform. 

Here is the burn transaction: https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/tx/172783338862702592#172783338862702593

4th Educational Event on Discord 

Our host theSignalyst made an awesome session once again! This week’s session covered in depth analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Supply & Demand and trending altcoins. 

Educational events will take place every Wednesday at 17:00 UTC in NewsCrypto Discord. 

Join the next event here: https://discord.com/events/869491485651902474/958787328451682325

As of regular content, this week’s How-to episode was about Day Trading vs Swing Trading, Newsco brought us hot news from the crypto market, Technical analysis report covered BTC price action.