Another action-packed week is coming to an end. Let’s dive into the progress made here at Newscrypto. If you’re also interested in the overview of the action in the markets, make sure you check out our Letter from the CEO, which has already been uploaded to our blog.

This week our token got listed on BKEX Global Exchange. NWC/USDT and NWC/BTC trading pairs have already been listed on Tuesday, so if you want to buy NWC token through BKEX exchange, you can do it here. Stay tuned for even more listings in the upcoming weeks, as we’re already working on another one, to provide even better liquidity for our token. 

If you like to participate in different competitions, then you certainly don’t want to miss the ongoing  "NWC Trading Competition", held on BKEX exchange. It ends tomorrow at 7:00 UTC, which means you can still catch the last train, until the window of opportunity closes. During the activity, all users who trade NWC/USDT on BKEX and reach the minimum trading volume (which can be obtained from the picture below) will be rewarded according to the trading volume, which consists of buy as well as sell volume. The competition results will be published within 3 working days after the activity ends and the rewards will be distributed within 2 working days after the activity result is published.

We’ve already teased our Community last week that the list of our partners in the NewsCryptoVerse is getting longer and longer and that we’ll soon start announcing them.

The first one on the list is Travala, a project that we’ve been collaborating with for quite some time now. We enjoy our partnership and are thrilled to take our partnership to another level, by including their travel services in our own metaverse. 

In the virtual offices in NewscryptoVerse, users will have a window with a view of the outside world, called ‘Travala’s window of opportunity’, which will give the option to escape from the daily trading-related stress, enabling you to book your desirable destination in a matter of seconds. But it doesn’t stop there, as in the final stages of our partnership, users will be able to do a virtual tour of popular tourist sites. This will on the one hand make it easier for users to decide which destinations they want to visit physically, while on the other it could also serve just as entertainment for people that want to explore digital tourism.

This week we also held a staking competition that rewarded 3 people that staked most NWC tokens from Wednesday to Friday at midnight with 1000, 500 and 250 NWC. This is on top of up to 25% annual yield and free professional subscription that you normally get when you stake your NWC tokens. The competition might be over, but all the benefits you get for locking your tokens still continue, which means there are still plenty of reasons to stake your NWC, which you can do here.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about 1inch Network (1INCH), while the FA report covered Loopring (LRC). Our weekly How-to Crypto covered everything you need to know about different wallet types focusing on how they differ in security. This week’s Newsco Weekly Report covered everything from the Russian Central Bank seeking to ban crypto investments, to the current reaccumulation phase happening in front of our eyes, as well as the action in the markets.