The major announcement this week was the release of On-Chain analytics tool. It features all the key information on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stablecoins, as it gives you access to all exchanges reserves, exchanges netflow, miners outflow and hashrate for Bitcoin, as well as all exchange reserves and netflow for Ethereum. Additionally you are also able to see all exchange reserves and issued supply for all Stablecoins.

Our tool gives you an edge in trading by showing you all the crucial on-chain data in one place, telling you what is going on behind the scenes, letting you know what the market is likely to do next, so you can adjust your exposure accordingly. Exchange reserves and netflow data give you an insight into the sell-off probability, while stablecoin data show you how much money is getting ready to step in and buy (demand).

This week we also teased our followers with a list of utilities we plan to add to our token in the near future. The first perk NWC holders will enjoy is getting special discounts and more on the upcoming Copy Trading Platform. Our token will also be used as collateral on the DeFi lending platform that is being built. Additionally it will unlock access to tune in to live education content on our Unchained education. Lastly NWC token will be used as a fee to mint NFTs on our NFT Marketplace, as well as fee for running NewsCrypto trading bots. You can expect to be able to use our Copy Trading until the end of Q4 and enjoy other perks in 2022.  

We’ve also started filming News or Snooze videos that will be shared weekly. The point of these videos is to help you evaluate which news are actually important and which are not. Our team member Adnan will take you on a journey through the most attention-grabbing news items of the week and on one hand hit the News button before discussing important headlines and on the other hand hit the snooze button when confronted with overhyped or insignificant articles. For anyone that prefers a shorter and more concise review of action in crypto or education, we suggest following us on our Tik Tok, where you can find informative content, created by Adnan, as well as other members of the team.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about Chiliz(CHZ), while the FA report covered Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade. Our weekly How-to Crypto covered 2 things you need to do to protect yourself from getting burned out there. Find out what these 2 things are here. This week’s Newsco Weekly Report covered everything from the Bitcoin network Taproot upgrade, to inflation fears driving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies towards new highs.