Another week might be coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean that the strong bullish momentum in crypto markets is ending as well. For a more detailed outlook on the markets, check out the Letter from the CEO, which will be released in the following hours. When it comes to this article, we’ll as always focus on our developments here at NewsCrypto.

The major news item from us this week was our release of the revolutionary Backtesting Bot that uses our own proprietary algorithms to automatically detect the most important patterns on the price charts of top cryptocurrencies. Apart from simply detecting the patterns, it also calculates the technical price target and looks at how many of the patterns hit it, giving you a success rate expressed as a percentage.

Next to this data you can also see the historical success rates for the chosen pattern and trading pair, which smoothly solves the problem of wildly inconsistent performance of different patterns in different market conditions or on different pairs. It lets you see how the probability of trades taken based on the pattern changes over time.

This revolutionary tool empowers every trader with the ability to test different strategies without extensive programming knowledge or wasting their precious time on incorporating data samples from charts, with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, so that it enables a variety of market conditions. 

We’ve also successfully carried out our Platform v3.0 giveaway. The best pictures will be posted on our Pricing subpage, so everyone can see what an awesome community we have! We would like to congratulate all of the winners as well as thank everybody for participating. We always strive to reward the most active members of the community, so we’ll continue to have more of these giveaways in the future.

With that aim in mind, we’ve added another competition called Newsco Quiz, where Newsco awards the most aspiring learners. You can join it every Thursday in our Telegram chatroom and compete for your share of the prize pool of 200 NWC.

Every quiz starts with a brief introduction which is shortly followed by questions. The first three users that answer the question correctly win 10 NWC each. The majority of answers can be found on the NewsCrypto Webpage, Platform or Blog posts, thus having those ready to explore might come in handy.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about Polygon (MATIC), while the FA report covered Fantom (FTM). Our weekly How-to Crypto explained why and how you should do your part in spreading the word about Crypto, and the Weekly Crypto Report covered everything regarding the recent bullish momentum in BTC, miners holding ETH, Bank of USA offering positive outlook on DeFi and NFTs and much more.