This week we’ve seen the end of historically bearish September and here at NewsCrypto we’ve also had a number of important announcements.

Ever since its release, the Platform v3.0 update has been in the centre of attention. This week we’ve announced that in order to celebrate the launch we are presenting our community with a great opportunity for purchase of the Professional subscription, as the price has been lowered by 50%.

Now you can get everything you need to become a pro trader on discounted prices here. We’ve also notified our community members that our team is hard at work on a Backtesting Bot that will let you automatically test chart patterns on different pairs and timeframes in a matter of seconds. Moreover, our team hasn’t only translated the updated Platform into Turkish and Chinese language, but is already working on translation into Portuguese. We’re committed to steering our ship in a direction preferred by our community, thus everyone is invited to participate in our survey.

Another major notice, especially for NWC holders, this week was our update on the Airdrop situation. On Tuesday the NWC airdrop was successfully distributed to eligible users’ wallets. Everyone who participated was given their share of the 200,000 NWC rewards pool. On top of that, we’ve awarded 30 randomly chosen participants with an additional 200 NWC each. In case you still have any unanswered questions regarding the Airdrop, feel free to contact us and we’ll provide the answers.

We’ve also held an AMA and live demo event on Discord that in addition to answering all of the burning questions, gave people that joined a sneak peek of the private testnet version of the Stellar-Polygon token bridge. For those of you that didn’t join and are still wondering why we chose stellar chain to build our own token on we can outline it here in a few sentences.

Stellar and Polygon have very different use cases in mind. While the first one is focusing on value transfers with institutional adoption, the focal point of the second is scaling DeFi. Put it simply, our bridge will enable XLM holders to bring their tokens to Polygon and enjoy all of the perks of their rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem offers.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about SXP, while the FA report covered another DEX, this time it was dYdX. Weekly How-to Crypto explained how an investor can safeguard his digital assets from digital pirates, who are always on the lookout for you, and our Weekly Crypto Report covered everything from China’s crackdown on crypto to Miami’s mayor saying that city-specific cryptos succeeding could result in residents not paying a cent in tax.