This week we’ve announced a partnership with an innovative social investment platform Zignaly.

As always our partnership will consist of several stages. It will start with us implementing a profit sharing service on Zignaly, while they will provide incentives and exclusive offers to users coming from our community. This will be mutually beneficial, as we get a platform to convert our knowledge on crypto markets into real trades, while Zignaly gets a group of experienced traders on their platform.

Moreover, Zignaly will also educate and spread awareness about our project and NWC token. The final stage of our partnership will be getting early access to the Zignaly bridge that will enable NWC holders with the ability of taking advantage of highly scalable and efficient blockchains.

Another major announcement we’ve shared with you this week, was our update on our partnership with the Polygon network. We’ve notified you about our novel cross-chain liquidity solution which will be able to bring billions of dollars of liquidity into DeFi on the biggest and fastest growing scaling solution out there; Polygon.

We’ll soon release a Stellar-Polygon token bridge, which will enable users to swap their XLM tokens for wrapped XLM (wXLM) on Polygon almost immediately with close to zero costs. Once users will have their wXLM, they will be able to use them in all of the DeFi protocols that Polygon offers. What it essentially means, is that you’ll be able to hold your XLM token, while simultaneously benefiting from all of the perks DeFi offers.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about AAVE, while the FA report covered Curve Finance (CRV). Weekly How-to Crypto explained how emotions drive the market and outlined how to prevent them from also driving your decision-making, and our Weekly Crypto Report covered everything about the recent market correction.