This week we’ve announced a partnership with MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content), a project that is tackling the problems of traditional media head-on by building a direct bridge between the audience on one hand and the content creators and distributors on the other. As always our partnership will consist of several stages.

Firstly, we’ll create educational content on what MILC is doing and why it matters, and we’ll collaborate with the MILC team to bring awareness and adoption to their novel solutions in the realm of media. Later on we’ll prepare educational content for TV, so you’ll be able to tune in to the best and latest educational and news content from your sofa!

Through this partnership we’ll be able to bring quality content directly to the audience without any of the clutter and the intermediaries that are present in traditional media, which goes hand in hand with the essence of our mission of educating the masses about crypto, thus pave the way for global adoption of crypto.

This week we’ve also released an article regarding Platform v3.0. It sums up numerous updates from the previous version. It starts with the explanation, how various tools and indicators got updated with both new functionalities and a smoother interface and can therefore even more effortlessly help traders gain edge in the market.

The article continues with a description of a brief outlook on Academy content that got greatly increased, so you can dive deeper, into the cryptocurrency world, and learn even more. The updated platform also consists of a new addition, the Unchained Education Hub, a place where educators and analysts from all over the world share their knowledge in order to help you improve your skills and broaden your knowledge. 

As another goal of our mission is to bring the crypto community together to a place, where they help each other grow expertise, we have shaped the Platform in a very community-focused way. This is especially visible in the Community Predictions section, where users can earn valuable weekly rewards for sharing their technical analysis with other peers. This week, we also had a competition for the best TA that most accurately predicts the price of Bitcoin at 12:00 UTC on Sunday. The best three predictions will share a prize pool of 350 NWC!

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about SUSHI, while the FA report covered Serum (SRM). Other posts were delayed or cancelled for the past two weeks, but as our ambassador Blockchain Wayne has fully recovered, he went full steam ahead and really created some comprehensive content.

The How-to Crypto post, titled as ‘Preparing for the storm’ emphasized how vital it’s to properly secure your crypto funds and the Weekly Report  covered a ton of recent news, from El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender to the fake news about Litecoin partnership with Walmart.