This week we’ve announced a partnership with Elrond, which has been on the cutting edge of innovation ever since they were the first to implement sharding back in 2018.

Its forge ahead hasn’t stopped there, as Elrond has continued to push forward by developing the most advanced solutions for insanely high throughputs, all without compromising sustainability.

Our partnership will consist of several different phases. We’ll start with an extensive educational campaign, move on with getting NWC token available on the Elrond blockchain, continue by providing new solutions for bringing capital into the network and broadening its already rapidly growing scope of DeFi. More of the details will be unveiled after NWC is live on the Elrond blockchain.

This week we’ve also summed up what has been accomplished this year. We’ve already released our mobile app, not only gave the Platform a fresh new look with its 3.0 update, but also added numerous new tools and indicators. Additionally we also went cross-chain. With only a few months left in 2021, there is quite a tight schedule, as there is so much yet to come.

First of all, the Polygon token bridge, which will bring a revolutionary solution for cross-chain liquidity, all backed by Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve. The major update concerning users of our platform could be Copy Trading, which will enable everyone to trade like a pro, regardless of their knowledge and skills. 

Another important news item of this week was an update on the NWC Airdrop. As you are all probably familiar with, we’ve decided to reward our token holders and promote the NewsCrypto mobile wallet with an airdrop of 200,000 NWC. Every wallet with a minimal amount of 1000 NWCs will receive a reward equal to 4.6% of the eligible NWC token balance. In order to encourage the participation of all community members and not just those with huge balances, the NWC cap per wallet was set at 200,000 which means that even if you’ve got more than 200k NWC on your wallet, only 200k counted towards the airdrop.

We’ve counted a total of 465 wallets, which together held 4,344,037 NWC tokens eligible for the airdrop. The rewards will be distributed by the end of the month, both to all eligible wallets as well as the extra 30 lucky winners of 200 NWC each.

Last but not least, in order to celebrate the new Platform v3.0,  we have doubled the Community Predictions rewards for this week’s round. This round ends tonight at midnight, so hurry up and get to drawing!

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about SRM, while the FA report covered Avalanche (AVAX). Our other posts are still delayed as our ambassador Blockchain Wayne is still recovering from hurricane Ida’s consequences (fortunately only from property damage).