Another week is behind us and with our pedal to the metal, we are racing towards our highly anticipated release of the 3.0 platform and the recently announced Copy Trading platform!

This week we gave you a little taste of what we are cooking at the NewsCrypto headquarters, with not one, but two sneak peeks!

One was for the long awaited redesign and the extensive upgrade of our main platform, where we showed you the Market Price reports page in the clean and enticing light mode and the Community Predictions page in the elegant dark mode.

The other sneak peek was for our Copy Trading platform where we showed you, not only the easy to use dark and light mode for computers, but also the sleek mobile version.

Copy Trading platform enables crypto newcomers to copy other trader’s investments with just a click of a button, to earn staggering amounts of money, without having any trading knowledge beforehand whatsoever! If you are new to crypto trading and are struggling to make money, you should consider reading our blog post on Copy Trading where we present our platform and explain what exactly it provides.

Trust me, it will blow your mind how far the technology has come! Both platforms are currently in the testing stages and if the things go as smoothly as they have, they’ll be ready in no time!

We would also like to take this opportunity to mention the NWC Airdrop, the snapshot period for which will be between the 24th and the 31st of August. The NWC Airdrop is an event hosted by us, where we show our gratitude to the community by airdropping 200,000 NWC! All you need to do in order to participate is to hold a minimum of 1k NWC tokens on the NWC Mobile wallet or any other self-custodial Stellar wallet. If you are still not quite sure how the Airdrop works, go check our NWC Airdrop blog post where we explain everything you need to know.

We also created a server on Discord. This way we have another place where we can communicate, share and expand our crypto knowledge even further! Come join us here.

And for our regular posts, this week’s market price report was about UNI, while the FA report covered how the NFTs work and how it all got started.

Weekly How-to Crypto explained about innovation and adoption in the crypto world, and our Weekly Crypto Report discussed on everything from Ethereum London hard fork going live to regulatory news across the world.