This week we’ve announced that we’re working on a novel cross-chain liquidity solution for Polygon, the biggest and fastest growing full-stack scaling solution out there.

Polygon currently has over $8 billion in total value locked in the network, and is being adopted by more and more DeFi protocols. You can already trade NWC on the Dfyn DEX on Polygon and provide liquidity to the NWC-DFYN farm to earn a share of $20k in NWC and DFYN tokens which are rewarded to liquidity providers!

And that’s just the beginning stage of our collaboration with many more to come. Make sure to check out our blog post if you are interested in finding out what else will this astonishing new partnership bring.

To celebrate the recent events and developments here at NewsCrypto, we burned ONE MILLION NWC tokens!

With seven more burn events to go, and the release of the 3.0 and the copy trading platform, all scheduled to take place by the end of 2021, there will be no shortage of developments to celebrate! As a token of gratitude we are also giving away 200,000 NWC to all of our users that hold their tokens on eligible wallets at the end of August (for more details, click here)!

And as for our regular posts, this week’s market price report was about XTZ. The FA report covered another leading DeFi lending and borrowing protocol, namely Compound.

The weekly How-to Crypto post explained about security and self-custodial wallets, and our Weekly Crypto Report discussed everything from how PayPal has been getting more and more into crypto, to Bitcoin’s hash rate bouncing fast and much more.