This week was dedicated to improving and adjusting the Membership Tiers for the upcoming 3.0 platform’s update. Membership Tiers will be now split into two sections. Basic and Professional.

The Basic Membership tier will be free and it will consist of all the basic tools the platform provides, such as news, charts, market overview, correlation, the Moonlines tool and a trading simulator, where you’ll be able to practice trading and investing without the fear of losing money.

If you are interested in what else is new about membership tiers, go check out our Membership Tiers blog post where we explain how the Professional version improves upon the Basic one and what functions a certain tool carries. In case you missed it, Professional tools will be free on the first day of the new platform’s release!

We are all really happy and excited because our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This week we also onboarded a couple additional ambassadors, who will go on campaigns and help us promote the newest version of our platform. Ambassadors will also be granted a full premium access to the new platform, which will allow them to share all the wonderful experiences they will have using it, with the rest of the crypto community.

And for our regular posts, this week’s market price report was about EGLD, while the FA report covered Stellar (XLM), the blockchain on which we originally developed our token.

Weekly How-to Crypto explained everything on Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and the incredibly important role they play in the crypto world, and our Weekly Crypto Report discussed on everything from mainstream media adoption, to Circle going public.