1. NewsCrypto App v1.0 Release!

This week has been a very eventful one in the world of crypto, and we haven’t been lagging behind!

The most important milestone this week was definitely the release of the full version of the NewsCrypto app, which took place on Thursday (February 4th). The hard launch finally brought many much-anticipated features to our app, first and foremost the integration of the NWC token.

Now it’s possible to swap in-app credits for NWC and vice versa, meaning that users can earn NWC by playing crypto games, voting in daily sentiment questions and posting predictions.

App v1.0 is currently available on Android devices, iOS version is coming out soon!

▶️ Download app here

2. End of Staking competition

The other main update concerns one particular use of the token – namely staking NWC on our platform, where users can earn up to 30% APY, depending on the amount staked and the time period.

We ran a staking competition throughout the previous month, and on January 31st we announced the winners and distributed rewards, with a total of 17,000 NWC being awarded to the users that staked the largest amountof tokens.

🥇 175000 staked - Reward 10000 NWC

🥈 128705 staked - Reward 5000 NWC

🥉 107487 staked - Reward 2000 NWC

3. How To Crypto: Security checkup

Keep your crypto assets safe and sleep like a baby.

One of the amazing things about cryptocurrency is that it truly gives you freedom and true ownership of your assets. Compared to the money you “hold” in banks which are not truly in your control, as we’ve seen many times in many countries where banks or governments freeze accounts.

Take a 5-minute break, read our blog post and get to know how to store your funds #SAFU.

▶️ Read security checkup

4. Market Price Report: DASH

Want to know what's going on with $DASH?

Read about patterns, divergences, breakouts, fakeouts and much more in our new market price report!

Understand the logic behind successful trade setups and start trading like a PRO.

▶️ Read the report

5. Weekly Crypto Report by Blockchain Wayne

Wall Street drama bleeds into crypto, Elon Musk goes full Bitcoin and other Top crypto news.

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