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Message from NewsCrypto leading ambassador: Education Comes Before Adoption🌐

This is a phrase that I have latched onto since partnering with Newscrypto and I have always felt this is a key component to driving widespread adoption in the cryptocurrency space.

However, awareness must come before education. If we have an amazing platform designed to teach people about the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and give them all the tools needed in trading and investing, but there is no awareness spread about it then the project will fade away and not make an impact.

We have seen this time and time again in the business world where a company can make an amazing product but if word of it does not reach all over the globe, it may fail to make an impact, or even fail altogether. 

Newscrypto has the best platform available for traders and investors and is currently in the  process of rolling out the best all-in-one crypto app.

Newscrypto has partnerships and integrations with many big name companies and a thriving community fully supported by an amazing team of Newscrypto members.

Our next step to moving forward and reaching all over the globe is with our world class Newscrypto Ambassador program. The days of running ads and commercials are very limited in our current world. Add to that the amount of distrust from misinformation out there, and most people want to do business with a company they either trust or are referred to by people who are trusted.

Trust can be among friends and family, but also in those who have credibility in their space. Bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, event organizers, Social Media influencers, graphic design artists, translators, and other content creators establish trust with their actions, their content, and the brands they represent.  

At Newscrypto we are launching an ambassador program for everyone who would like to take the challenge and help the crypto space take a leap higher!

We believe that together we are stronger and more confident in reaching our goals of mass adoption. We are looking for people from all over the world who are passionate crypto enthusiasts as well as Newscrypto members.

With our mission to drive global awareness, provide crypto education for everyone, and make crypto a better place for each other we are turning to the community. Ambassadors are the voice of reason, providing feedback to improve the platform resources and services and help other users with their concerns in the crypto world.

Our Ambassadors play an important role in Newscrypto’s future and crypto awareness around the world.  Everyone joining the program will receive special benefits and perks from the Newscrypto project.Become the face of Newscrypto and the change you want to see in the crypto world.

-Blockchain Wayne

Lead Ambassador, Newscrypto

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