At NewsCrypto we are looking forward to connect with like-minded people and onboard new ambassadors!

We believe that together we are stronger and more confident in reaching our goals of mass adoption. 

We are looking for people from all over the world who are passionate crypto enthusiasts as well as NewsCrypto members. With our mission to drive global awareness, provide crypto education for everyone, and make crypto a better place for each other we are turning to the community.

Ambassadors are the voice of reason, providing feedback to improve the platform resources and services and help other users with their concerns in the crypto world. 

Our Ambassadors play an important role in Newscrypto’s future and crypto awareness around the world.  Everyone joining the program will receive special benefits and perks from the Newscrypto project mentioned below.

Become the face of NewsCrypto and the change you want to see in the crypto world.

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What does a NewsCrypto Ambassador do?

Newscrypto ambassadors are vital to the growth of our community and the crypto space in general. Whether you are a social media guru, community manager, language expert, content creator, marketing wizard, business advisor, translator, or someone who is spending your time talking about crypto to others, you fit our Ambassador program!

The mission for our ambassadors is to share the NewsCrypto project and educate the world. 


Ambassadors are engaged in discussions of everything that is happening. Share your thoughts with posts, articles, blogs, campaigns, or a normal conversation. Each word that reaches a new person means we are one step closer to our goal.


Your opinion counts. This is why we need you to spread and create brand affinity and guide others on their crypto path. As a NewsCrypto ambassador, you will be one of the leaders of our community so we expect you to contribute to community growth.


Ambassadors with a creative mind are driving awareness through engaging and informative content in the form of graphic designs, blogs, videos, or any other creative production. 

Provide information

Having direct contact with the NewsCrypto team to advise on the local activities, provide insights, and work towards the project’s growth. Ambassadors will also be the voice for our future project updates. 


Educate the world about crypto in general along with advising and providing directions to new people starting their crypto trading career with the help of NewsCrypto’s providing knowledge.

And share our story with others. 

NewsCrypto ambassador’s perks

At NewsCrypto we value your work and passion as an ambassador. With the involvement you are prepared to give, we have many benefits to take advantage of. 

We will invite you to our closed Ambassador Telegram channel where you will be the first ones to find out news like release dates, partnerships, new collaborations, etc. Most importantly you will have your voice heard for the NewsCrypto App. Our goal is to fulfill everyone’s expectations, this is why we need your ideas on what to implement in the best crypto app on the market. 

Other potential benefits are free platform memberships, discounts on our services, an affiliate program for inviting new investors and users to the program, an In-App rank of NewsCrypto Ambassador with many app benefits, and much more.

Sporting some of the hottest crypto gear,  NewsCrypto shirts and other apparel will be shared as it becomes available,  and a special surprise for the chosen ones as well!

Why wait!? Affiliate commissions will be available to all levels of ambassadors, but special perks and token rewards for those chosen to be Premium Ambassadors, which will be chosen based on your level of engagement and quality of content produced to help spread the word about NewsCrypto. 

Join our team as a NewsCrypto Ambassador below! 


NewsCrypto team members will be available to our ambassadors full time. Don’t hesitate to talk with us. If we recognize a great contribution to value by you we would gladly reward you for your work! 

Have special ideas or any other recommendations and proposals? Message us at [email protected]

Thank you for your attention. 

Yours, NWC TEAM.

*To enroll as a social media influencer or premium ambassador write to the email mentioned above as well.