In this series of articles covering the metaverse, we’ve already dived into the metaverse in general, as well as briefly touched how it relates to crypto and what use cases it brings for a crypto trader. Today we’re going to take a look into our trading and education-focused metaverse, called NewsCryptoVerse.

First we’ll dive into the story behind our metaverse and what problems it solves. Moreover, we’ll share the motivation behind our next step in the direction of the digital revolution. The article continues with an explanation of main products it will offer and finishes with activities future users will be able to perform in this virtual world.

Are you ready to explore the NewsCryptoVerse? If so, let’s get right into it!  

What is the story behind our own Metaverse?

While making a 20% annual return on investment seemed untouchable for a common investor only a few decades ago, today coins can double in price in a matter of hours. It’s a fact that exposure to crypto completely changed the lives of countless people around the globe, but things aren’t as bright as they seem at first glance, since there are still countless barriers, which are either preventing or slowing down adoption. 

We’re still far away from the ‘perfect world’. A world where users could meet, socialize and work together with virtual friends, as well as access knowledge and information in an interactive way, which would help them form better trading decisions.

With these goals in mind we’ve decided to create a digital world that would solve all of these problems and take education to the next level.

Which are going to be the main products in our virtual world?

Our digital space will be built on five conceptual verticals: trading, education, entertainment, networking and a marketplace. With these areas in mind, we will offer 4 main products for our metaverse users.

The first product will recreate your physical office, which you’ll be able to equip with custom trading tools or even own personalized visuals or earned certificates. Basically everything you want or need to to trade crypto successfully will be at the palm of your hand in your fully customizable personalized workspace. Instead of relying on passive communication, NewsCryptoVerse will turn interaction with other users in the office into an interactive and engaging experience, recreating real-life communication through avatars.

Since we're the leading project in crypto education, our own metaverse will obviously offer a place where users will be able to learn and expand their knowledge on crypto and trading. Therefore the second product, which is very similar to the first one, is going to be a digital classroom. This virtual space will let users enroll in our academy, attend courses, webinars, workshops in an interactive way, as well as have 1 on 1 live sessions with professionals in the field. To sum it all up, it will try to recreate the real life learning process in the digital world.

The third product will be a trading simulator, which will provide everything a traditional trading simulator offers and more, all in a customizable and completely immersive environment, where you will be able to test and optimize your trading strategies without any risk, as well as discuss ideas with other traders.

Last but not least, NewsCryptoVerse will offer an NFT marketplace and battlefield. Place where individuals will not only sell or exchange their digital assets (everything from NFTs to visual assets), but also create their own NFTs, as well as participate in play to earn games.

What will the users be able to do in the NewsCryptoVerse?

Users will be able to fully customize their own virtual office with access to everything related to crypto and trading. Furthermore, they will be able to meet, socialize and work with virtual coworkers in the office via their avatar. The virtual environment expands even further, as our own metaverse will contain digital classrooms, where interaction will transcend from simple communication to attending courses and workshops, gaining knowledge and information in an interactive way in a recreated real-life environment. In addition to that users will also be able to create, sell and exchange digital assets, all in one place, while benefiting from the security and low fees of Enjin’s Efinity blockchain.